Monday, May 6, 2013

Amazing Race 22: Finale

Well, I can't say that that was the most nail-biting of finishes, but at least Max and Katie didn't win. I liked the Hockey Players all along, so I'm very happy that they won. It was nice to see guys who are clearly competitive not see that as an excuse to be assholes. And Bates was very cute when he took of his hat to meet the President.

OF COURSE bog-snokelling was concocted over a pint of Guinness! How else would anyone come up with something like that? You put a bunch of drunken Irishmen together in a room and, guaranteed, someone will come up with some of the stupidest AND most brilliant ideas ever known to man. Unfortunately, the stupid ones are the ones everyone rushes out to actually do, alchol and testosterone being a potent mix.

I couldn't figure out what was so panic-inducing about that bog snorkelling, but clearly, it gave certain people a major case of the collywobbles. Personally, I can't think of anything I would less like to do than to cannonball into a cold, muddy pond of bog water. I give Katie props, though, she's a snotty bag of smug, but she did that task without much complaint. All she said was "this was not part of the honeymoon plans", which I can't hold against her. Aren't  you glad we didn't have to watch Wynona do that task? Just getting into the wet suit would have been a nightmare.

I'm certainly glad Max and Katie are married to each other, because that means they won't inflict themselves on anyone else while they are. Katie calling Max and idiot during the spy task, when he wasn't really doing anything objectionable, does not bode well for their relationship. And I wanted to smack Max in his smug little face when he was needling the Roller Derby moms about how they felt when they realized they were behind everyone else when they landed in Scotland. He reminds me of that kid everyone hated in Grade 7 who teased people mercilessly about their weakest points, but hated it when someone pointed out that he was short. And I'll bet there are lots of Republicans this morning saying "dude, we've got enough of a PR problem, shut up!"

The Country Singers were never the greatest racers, but I did like their dynamic, and the fact that they really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I especially liked they way they dealt with each other when things got tough; they never took their frustrations out on each other. If Max had crawled up on the grassy bank during the bog snorkelling and said he couldn't finish, Katie would have stomped on his hands and kicked him back in, while telling him how stupid he was.

 I'm sad that no one knows what colour "chartruse" is.

How disgusting was that food by the time it got to the table? I hope no one was expected to actually eat it, because that Cream of Barley soup was probably a yuccky mess when it was hot, let alone when it was a cold bowl of glop. Why did the tent have to be so far from the prep area anyway? Other than to make everyone run a mile between the two points.

Favorite Line of the Night: Bates: "The hardest part of that was getting your junk into that wetsuit".

Why did Conor and Dave get so much time at the Finish Line to tell us yet again about Dave's injury?

The Amazing Race Canada starts on July 15th. My friend, Big Liver Girl and I applied, but we didnt' get selected. Part of me is sad that the Race is going on somewhere without me, but on the other hand, I'm enjoying a glass of wine in my breezeway, rather than cannonballing into a bog somewhere, so there's that.

Until July!