Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brush With Fame

My friend, The Tattooed One, is in a music video! And not just a homemade video that her friends put together to promote their lame Bon Jovi cover band; it's a legitimate effort! She's the one at the beginning with the binoculars, and you can get a gander at her tattoos towards the end, too.
I don't think she is one of the ninja tumblers, though, unless the Tattooed One has been keeping that particular talent under wraps.
She is now, officially, the coolest person we know.

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SueSue said...

Hey baby! I'm glad you enjoyed the trip! B Bear and I just got back on Saturday from our Colorado trip. Wow! It too was amazing! We put 1500 miles on the rental car (gotta love unlimited mileage!) It was so much like Calgary much of the time. Best was the un-humid air! And the guacamole, and the fish tacos, and the beer, and the....