Sunday, October 3, 2010

Perfect Sunday

Oh, drizzly, cold Sundays, how I love you. A blessed excuse to stay indoors, not do any of the exceedingly urgent, end-of-the-summer yard work, wear my pajamas all day and putter and laze and sleep and read. The most perfect of Sundays, which is the most perfect of days.

Sundays is the one day of the week when nobody in the house has to get up and get out the door. The Mister and I work on Saturdays, and the girls have school through the week; Sundays means that everyone can sleep in. (Toby hates Sunday mornings, because the usual Tuna Delivery System is delayed by a few hours, and this is unacceptable in his books. Loud purring, drooling and head-butting of the Primary Tuna Delivery Personnel usually remedies this situation to his satisfaction.) This morning I woke up at my usual time of 6:20, and could not circumvent my inner alarm clock (or my furry, external one, either), so I got up, went down to the family room and read my book and watched some tv for a while. (Just to tell you, programming at 6:30 on a Saturday morning is worse than terrible.....there shouty preachers telling me that God loves me, even though everything about their tirades would suggest otherwise, and about a gazillion informercials suggesting that I am a sad, sorry, stupid loser who needs to call this 1-800 number right away to rectify that.)
After a while, I got sleepy again and went back to bed. It was heavenly.

When I did get up, for real this time, it was kind of cold and drizzly, and while that weather is miserable most of the time, it's perfect for running. Off I went, had a great run and felt very smug and virutous the rest of the day.

I cleaned out my closet, putting away the linen shirts and cotton skirts and flip flops, and getting out all the wool and tweed and boots and jackets of my winter wardrobe. As a reward, I let myself watch a few episodes of "Mad Men" (I'm currently working through Season 3 and I have to be very strict with myself to only watch one episode or two at a time, lest I lose an entire weekend watching that incredibly addicting show.) Then I had a nap. Is there any more beautiful words in the English language than "afternoon nap". I have yet to hear them.

Everyone else puttered around the house in their pajamas....the girls did their homework, made popcorn and watched a movie, and cleaned their rooms. The Mister replaced the sink in the bathroom downstairs and then watched a football game. It was all very easy and lazy and totally stress-free.

I made a kick-ass dinner (roast pork, roasted potatoes and squash, with chocolate pudding cake for dessert.), and I will spend the rest of the evening watching "The Amazing Race" and reading my book.

It's not a very exciting day, but that suits me just fine; exciting is the very opposite of what I'm after.

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