Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amazing Race 22, Episode 2

This entry is late because I didn't get to watch this episode of the Race until Monday night, which was too late to write about it. I usually have a better handle on my time, but not this week.

Man, how much would it suck if you finally got to go on the Amazing Race and you found yourself in one of the most beautiful places on earth and you realized that the one thing, the ONE THING you can't do, is the only thing  you have to do? I'll bet the Twins were hoping that they wouldn't have to swim until about the 8th leg, and after everyone else was felled by food poisoning and they had the option of paying someone else to do it, too.

I sure hope this doesn't turn out to be the "Amazing Skip the Task and Take the Penalty", because that is so not this game. If everyone quits every task and just sucks up the penalty, then it's going to be a snooze-fest very quickly.

Oh. My. GOD....read the clue! Read the clue! Read the clue!!! Read it again. All the way. I get that these guys are all hopped up on adrenaline and jumping out of their skins and excited as all get out, but for the love of all that is holy, read the damn clue!

Team Newlywed is very tiresome, and it's only the second leg. "We want to keep the only other team at the back with us, so that we know where they are and we can hand them their asses when it suits us to do so. But they left us! They don't play fair at all!" And really? "they're following us"? They're going to the same place you are, dumbasses.

I certainly had no idea that being a manager at Wal-Mart translated into so many diverse skills. Seriously, I'm not taking the piss out of the guy, it's just that I had no idea "I deal with many weirdos = I can walk on stilts". I can't wait to see what else he can do. And just for the record, I've never seen a Wal-Mart employee run, anywhere, ever.

I giggled every time someone said they had "rolled their nut across the line". Because I am 12.

Because this was a very water-focused episode, I found myself getting a little woozy with all the bobbing cameras popping in and out of the water. Between that and the skydiving last episode, I'd really like a leg on dry land, please.

Team YouTube was not nearly as annoying as I thought they would be. Which isn't much of an endorsement, really.

The water in Bora Bora looked so amazingly blue and clear.....and the camera work when they were jetskiing over to the second island was incredible. I'm putting Bora Bora on the list.

John and Jessica holding onto the second Express Pass because they "want the other teams to suck up a bit"? I'm sure that will totally work out, and no one will be pissed off, and it will never come to back to bite them in the asses. Like at a U-Turn. At least, I hope so.

I wonder what the Underwater Waiter puts on his passport application, under "occupation".

Next week: New Zealand! Remember the last time we went there, Phil's dad was one of the greeters! Also, I very much hope there is a Hobbit-themed task, which includes very large, hairy feet.

Until next week!

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