Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Blog, She is Back

I had a number of people ask me about the blog recently, which surprised me mightily because I had no idea anyone actually read this thing.
My good friend, Sue the Librarian said "I really enjoyed your blog, you should start writing again", and as someone who thrives on other people's approval, I have to tell you, that really worked for me. 
So, I'm back at it.

By the way, I have no idea why, but the blog host seems to have erased all the photos from my previous posts, so some of my more hilarious entries are less so now. First world problems.

We've had a number of changes in the Loudshoes household since I last wrote here. Most notably, my smart, funny and much loved father died last year, and we are all still getting used to our new normal. I still can't write or talk about it yet. He died of heart failure at the age of 80, so, quietly and peacefully, and for that I am very grateful.

Our lovely cat, Toby, who I wrote about so much on this blog, also passed away a few years ago. We have a new cat, Luna, who is a very different character than Toby. (i.e.She is not have the personality of a toddler on crack.) 

Both Thing 1 and Thing 2 are still around....Thing 1 just finished her third year of university here in town, and Thing 2 will be starting there in the fall. They are still the funniest, smartest and coolest people I know. They both work at the same restaurant they've worked at for years, and it has given them the best incentive to go to school I think they could ever have. ("Do you want to answer questions like 'Do you have any gluten-free eggs?' for the rest of your life? Then go write that essay"|) 

And the Mister and I are as together as ever; we are coming up on our 24th wedding anniversary in a few months. We have come up with a no-fail formula for success in our marriage: never wake the Mrs. from a nap, and when in doubt, the fullest beer is always his. 

We both still work at the hair salon, but "work" is a relative word....I think we have a nice life for people who don't work very hard. I like my job a lot, and even though it doesn't pay much, I'm pretty lucky to talk to exceptional people all day and come and go as I please. Also,I like my boss a LOT, too, so there's that. 
There you go, all up to date. 


Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed your blogs for years, and am glad that you are back to writing!

Looking forward to reading and laughing.

Anne B said...

So glad you are back ��

Speranza said...

Mrs.Loudshoes is back in the house and the writing is brilliant!
So very pleased to see this and will be a regular visitor.
Congrats and so happy your very unique voice is back!
(Good writing is not easy to find online ...)