Friday, November 21, 2008

Count Yourselves Lucky

I get asked all the time (well, at least once or twice) "how do you come up with ideas to write about every day?" and the answer is: I don't. Sometimes the blog topic walks right up to my frontal cortex and says "howdy!", and sometimes I spend all frigging day trying to come up with something, anything that I can write about that will be even the remotest bit interesting.

Blog topics that I have rejected include (and I believe you will thank me for this)
  • what I had to eat today
  • what I wanted to eat today
  • a dream I had
  • Toby's breath, which stinks
  • Thing 1's use of her "manly voice"
  • Thing 2's somewhat alarming flatulence problem
  • how, when I was driving home today, I saw 4 cars all skid through the same intersection
  • what I hate about Christmas, pantyhose and the Future Shop
  • my husband's increasing habit of driving like an old lady
  • how I can't believe that nobody has demanded that car racing be banned on environmental grounds
  • Lentils: Nature's Most Boring Food
  • how I think Cameron Diaz looks like "The Joker"
  • why cooking rice smells like popcorn
  • how people who recline their seats on airplanes should be put to death
  • how my bra straps keep falling down

You are most welcome.

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