Monday, August 31, 2009

One Last Beach Day

Even though summery weather can last well into September and October, it still feels like summer is at an end once Labour Day comes and the kids go back to school. The kids still have another week to go, and there's not much time to cram in those last few activities of summer.

The Mother Sharks and 14 of their offspring managed to organize ourselves into one last day at the beach today. And what a glorious day it was...the weather didn't look promising when we started out, but we got a windy, sunny, perfect,idyllic beach day. (Lake Huron and I have had our differences lately, I had had it with that lake when we were at the cottage in July, and declared the lake and I had broken up for good. It was too cold and messy and moody, and the lake thought I was too sensitive and princessy, and needed to man up and deal with it. But today we had a nice time together, and have decided to remain friends after all.)

The younger kids played in the lake, and the older ones sat and talked, and quite happily occasionaly went for a walk. The mothers all got a chance to catch up and talk and eat and tell each other what we read recently and what we were having for dinner this evening. I've come to realize what a comfortable bunch these women are; there's no hidden agendas or touchy personalities or rivals looking to score points off each other. They never fail to make me laugh or give me perspective or remind me to not take myself too seriously. I just love them.

It's nice to have one last kick at the summery can.

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Big Liver Girl said...

here here!
And a sneaky does of vitamin D was had by most of my van load to freshen those back to school freckles. a great day!