Friday, October 30, 2009

To Your Health

I'm exhausted, and I'm not even sick.
When did it get to be so much work to be healthy?

I run because exercise is supposed to be enormously beneficial for me; it's good for my heart, it prevents osteoporosis and seems to help stave off breast cancer. I keep my weight under control for my blood pressure and so I don't become diabetic. I eat lots of dark leafy greens and stay away from burgers made with cheese and bacon served on a Krispy Kreme. (For so many reasons.) I drink green tea. I get plenty of sleep. I live a relatively stress-free life. I quit smoking years ago. Really, you'd think I would live to be a hundred and eleventy-two years of age. I never seems to be enough, though; there's always another danger lurking around the corner, and it's going to play havoc with your health.

I really can't imagine any of my ancestors in rural Ireland a hundred years ago worrying about staying fit, or avoiding dairy products or flushing their bodies of toxins. I'm sure they would be bewildered beyond belief at the thought of going ot a gym or counting carbs.
They were probably way more concerned with getting enough to eat and not dying from infection or childbirth or drowning in the rain and mud.

So, now it is the flu I have to think about. I know flus can be dangerous, they can kill an enormous number of people in short order. Also? I hate being sick. It's my number one thing I hate doing in the whole world. (The only thing that getting sick makes acceptable is the wallowing in bed for a day and eating copious amounts of chocolate with impunity.)

I do plan on getting a flu shot, two of them in fact, one for the regular flu and one for the H1N1. But the lines will be long and the wait will be excruciating and I will whine incessantly. (It baffles me that so many people are against getting a flu shot. There's been thousands of years of human existence that would have given anything to avoid illness, and here we have it, and most of us couldn't be bothered. I'm not sure when our society got to the point where they were more afraid of a shot than a particularly deadly strain of flu. )

But get it I will, even if it does mean more work for me. You know what would really make the flu shot appealling??? If I could get one while lolling in bed, eating chocolate!


Dawg said...

When I hit 30 I was all about heathly. When I hit 35 I started to slide. I just turned 40, and well, I've decided I only live once. So hand me the bottle of wine!!

Feel better :)

Big Liver Girl said...

I think its interesting to weigh out the health obsession. I almost wept when I heard about the young previously helathly kids who succumbed to the flu. I was ready to call in absent for work for however long it took to get my family immunized... and then I drove NEAR the vicinity of the school with the vaccine... and the meer volume of traffic convinced me to GO NO FURTHER... that it would be better to go home and risk getting sick.

I believe in vaccination programs and yet... not enough it seems to attempt parking to get in line for one.

I am clearly an impatient, fickle, and thusfar very fortunate person.

Carolyn said...

Hey, Big Liver Girl, try moving to Brantford. The health unit is doing H1N1 vaccines by APPOINTMENT, booked online. Only catch for those wanting to get in on the action, you must provide your health card and proof of residence when you arrive for your needle. I can wait until next week to get mine (I'm in a priority group which actually kinda sucks), if it means avoiding traffic jams and killer queues.