Monday, November 16, 2009

Amazing Race 15 Ep. 9

Poor Matt and Gary, they really didn't have the mojo that day, did they? Sorry to see them go, I loved them. I hope they have fun decoy-racing the rest of the race. (The last couple of eliminated teams go along and do the race with the teams still in it, so that if anyone sees them out and about, they can't tell anyone who's in the finale. That sounds like all kinds of fun to me.)

I used to like the Gay Brothers, but now I'm tired of them. They seem to think that the Globetrotters should just let them win this. Entitled Whineycakes bugs my ass big time. And by the way, snotting about how the Globetrotters are following you is bullshit...they are going to the same place as you, as is everyone else. That's on "following", that's "racing", do you see how that works? Besides, I can't figure out why the Bros are so fixated on the Globetrotters to win the race, when it appears to me that Megan and Cheyne are by far the stiffer competition.

I sure hope we had the sense to pick Thing 1 to do that Roadblock, because she knew right away to hold the parchment over the candle to get the clue. I'd have been coloring away like a fool.

I can't stand it one more minute: a "candelabrum" is consists of one candlestick, a "candelabra" is plural. And it is NOT a "candle-a-bra", Matt.

I want a Saunabuss! That would kick ass here in Canada...I'm serious, we could drive from Windsor to Quebec City!
Did Gary shut up at all during that event? Because the editing seemed to make him ramble like an idiot for the entire time, and he was the only one talking. (Matt was VERY much "eyes to the front" while sitting next to that Hot Estonian Girl.) Thing 1 speculated that perhaps it was like an elevator, where you are supposed to pretend that no one else is there. I want to know the entire "Minnesota Sauna Song" for future reference.

I absolutely love when Phil tell the winning team they have won some random, unexpected prize, like a sauna, and the team is all "Yay! We WON! What, wait a minute....we won what??? Not a trip? What the hell are we going to do with that?" Apparently Cheyne and Megan live in
southern California, which is not exactly sauna territory, and what if they live in an apartment? I loved the look on her face when she realized they won a sauna.

Okay, what was with the blurring? The blurring of the Gay Brother's junk? What, what were we not supposed to see??? I found the blurring way more distracting than any peeking or floppage that might have occured. Why didn't they weare their "Baywatch" trunks?

I liked the bog-shoes. I maybe could use a pair of those myself.

That macho-man foot race at the end was for second and third places, not first. They all knew that Megan and Cheyne had left way before them, so it was just a pissing contest for all four of them. God. More proof, in my opinion, that testosterone should be a controlled substance.

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Carolyn said...

The testosterone at the bathmat was just plain stupid. While I can't feel too terribly sorry for the gaybros and their whining, I'm having an equally hard time with the childishness from the Globetrotters. The Globetrotters were the ones who initially went the wrong way; then, when they caught up with the gaybros, attempted to push them out of their way and into the bog when there was absolutely nothing to be gained by it. Then? They have the chutzpah to complain that one of them caught a flying elbow, a direct result of their own shoving? They should all be embarrassed when they see themselves on instant replay. I would have loved to hear Phil tell the four of them to grow up. They all must have known that Megan and Cheyne had beaten them to the pit stop and Brian and Erika were behind them, so why the drama?

I'm going to miss Pinky and the Brain.