Monday, December 14, 2009

Things I Learned Today

  • Toby thinks that if it is too cold to go out the back door, then maybe the front door will lead to Florida. Worth a shot, anyway.
  • My husband is the only person I know who can collide with a moving vehicle by WALKING into it.
  • Forget the people who shop at Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store is hosting the Weird-Looking-People Convention. Seriously, Dollarama was entirely populated by the aliens from "Men in Black" this afternoon.
  • If you leave a tube of crescent rolls out of the fridge long enough, they sponaneously, and independently, explode.
  • Cresent rolls make a lot of noise when they explode.
  • When the Christmas tree falls over when four people are decorating it, they spend a good few seconds just looking at it on the floor before anyone does anything about it.
  • Even if one is a professional hair colourer, it's not easy to colour one's own hair without making an unholy mess.
  • Making reggae or hip-hop versions of Christmas carols does not render them "cool" or "edgier", it makes them even more unbearable than usual. "The Little Drummer Boy" is horrible enough without "me and m' druuuuum".
  • Coffee makes everything better.


Erin said...

That is one busy day. Hope tomorrow is better! :)

Jude said...

I love your point of view...makes me giggle.