Friday, January 21, 2011


Compared to other parts of Canada, we actually don't the worst winter weather. (It's -30°C in Winnipeg today. -22° in Farenheit.) Here? the wind is whipping out of the northwest, so even though it's only -12°C, it feels more like -21°. But you don't have to see a thermometer to know it's stinking cold out there....
How do you know it's cold?

  • The snow squeaks when you walk
  • The car doesn't warm up until you're almost at work
  • There's no point in taking off your outerwear if you are going out again within the half hour
  • The sky is the same colour as the snow
  • The snow sparkles at night
  • Toby only goes out for a few minutes, once a day. (He WANTS to go out all the time, but when the door is opened and that cold air hits his nose, he changes his mind.)
  • Toby runs around like a lunatic for about 40 minutes a day, because he's inside too much.
  • All I want to do is read in bed and eat my weight in carbohydrates.
  • Your eyelashes stick together when you go outside, and it hurts to breathe deeply.
  • The garbage doesn't need to go into the cans, because it freezes before any wildlife can smell it and get into it.
  • You put on gloves to toss out the recycling from the back door.
  • You can't wash the car, because the doors will freeze shut
  • You wear long underwear, even if you're just going out to a movie or dinner
  • You look for a grocery cart that's been inside for a while, because a cold cart hurts your hands.
  • You walk funny, so the cold fabric of your pants doesn't touch your legs too much
  • You can make all kinds of stops on the way home from the grocery store, because the milk won't go bad.

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