Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Normally, the Loudshoes house is a hotbed of tv watching and snoozing on New Year's Eve. But last Big Liver Girl threw a party for both New Year's and her husband's birthday, and we weren't about to miss that.
My overwhelming memories of New Year's Eves of my youth involved standing in a snow-bank in shoes inadequate for the weather, tired and cold and hungry and trying to get a taxi to get the hell home. I don't think the Mister and I have been out for New Years in about 20 years, so this was quite a departure for us.
It was a great party; Big Liver Girl and her family are terrific hosts. There was plenty of booze and wonderful company and fabulous food. (One thing she passed around, which was a big hit, was drinking glasses with bacon standing up in them, like bouquets of flowers. Brilliant. Although, the Mister said this morning that one thing he learned last night is that there is such a thing as having too much bacon. Who knew?)
I won't be making any New Year's resolutions, either, because what's the point? If I wanted to do something different in my life, I would have already done it instead of waiting until January 1st to do it.

This morning we woke up to rain, and plenty of it. Which meant that the knee-high snow that's been hanging around since the storm in early December is melting at a rollicking clip. We can actually see grass. And YAY! No water in the basement! (There is a LOT of water sitting around on the frozen ground at the moment, which means it has no where to go.) The only problem is, the forecast is calling for plummeting temperatures, so all that rain will freeze and we should be able to skate to work on Tuesday. The temperature is so mild right now there is actually steam coming off the snow banks. We have the weirdest weather ever.

This afternoon we are going out with my parents to the Mandarin for dinner, so we probably won't be hungry again until Tuesday, either. I could do much worse than to start off a new year in the company of my family and my delightful friends, with a full belly and a warm, snug house.

Happy New Year!

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Jude said...

Happy New Year to the Loudshoes family! It's all over and I'm excited I still have two days to relax from work too.