Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 1

This is the eighteenth season of this show, and it still manages to have me on the edge of my seat and not knowing what will happen do they do that??

So glad to see Kynt and Vyxyn again, and the Globetrotters, Justin and Zev and of course, the Cowboys. Not to happy to see Ron the Poophead and Christina the Wearily Patient. And, sigh, I really hope I don't have to listen to Jaime bitch her way around the world again. From snarking at the boat guys to hurry it up when they flipped the skiff, to her screeching "off my foot! off my foot!", I'm tired of her already.

Glad to see Big Easy cared if the heart attack patient lived or died. If anyone else thought that, they didn't mention it.

I'm pretty sure those sharks were well fed and drugged....they didn't look too interested in eating anybody. The turtle looked way scarier. Holy moley! even I ducked when that stingray the size of a minivan swam over Jen's head! Goth makeup does not seem to fare well in a shark tank.

Nice to see the Cowboys took the class "Spanish: the International Language of Foreign Places". They said "gracias" quite a few times, which is probably more helpful in South America or the Carribean than in Australia. As far as I know, the Spanish never had much of a foothold in Sydney.

Thank You Amazing Editors: John "Amanda's really good at puzzles", Amanda: "What?"

Kynt definitely slapped the beach-greeter on the ass. I rewound it to check.

Mallory and Jen both started the flag challenge with "okay, that's a triangle...", which clearly looked like a diamond to me. Was there some sort of International Conference on Changing The Name of Every Day Shapes that I missed?

The look on Mallory's face when Phil told them they were still running was priceless! They should put a picture of that in the dictionary under the word "gobsmacked". She looked a lot like the kid in "Home Alone" when she did that. I had to laugh when Phil told her to stop talking and start running.

Next week: old people have a bad day.

Until next week!

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