Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 2

Yay Cowboys! I thought they were goners, wandering around Sydney for hours on end....thank God for Bunching Points! I wish they would smarten up a bit and not do that sort of thing anymore; I'm getting a headache shouting at the tv all the time.
I can't say that I was surprised that Kris and Amanda went, because a U-Turn seems to be the kiss of death for almost everyone who gets it.

Zev made me laugh out loud three during this episode; once when he said "and there's not a steakhouse in sight!" (because I would have said the exact same thing!!) and also when he said, very seriously "I shut my tail in the door". And when Justin said he was very artistic and he chirped in with "and autistic!" I just wasn't expecting any of that.

Did you know that Kent (which is how he spells it now) is 35? I thought the two of them were in their late twenties. (Vyxen is 32!) I've never seen a Goth over 40....this should be interesting when we see them on "The Amazing Race, All Star Season 56", and they are in their 70's and covered in glitter and pink lip gloss.

Colour me gobsmacked when Kent knew the periodic table well enough to know "mercury" and "bismuth" right off the bat. You think you know a person.....
Just for the record, I would have failed that task utterly. The only time I took chemistry, in Grade 11, I tried mightily for an entire semester, just barely scraping by on every test. My teacher told me that I had lots of potential for lots of things, but clearly chemistry wasn't one of them....if I promised to never take a class from him again, he would pass me. I took that deal, and never took chemistry from anyone again. True story.

I did enjoy Kent's random "gathering of the children". He was just so....gentle and calm about it, even though it was kind of creepy and seemed to foreshadow some terrible ending for those kids, like he was going to drink their blood or something. Luckily, that didn't pan out. It did remind me of the "drawing a circle around the children" from last season. Perhaps they should warn children who participate in this that frantic, shreiky Americans are wack-a-doo.

I think they should have to keep those kangaroo costumes on for the rest of the race.

My favorite Edit of the Night: when all the racers were bouncing down the street and the cameraman panned over to the "Animal Control" van.

Do you think Mallory's head just ever....bursts into flames?

Christina, honey, the only work you need to do is realize that your father is never going to change.

Next week: Oh please, pretty please, tell me Jaime spends some time in a Japanese jail!

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