Monday, May 9, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 10 and 11

I think this is the first finale ever where it didn't matter to me who won; they were all likeable teams and they all were in the last leg on their own merit. Having said that, when Justin and Zev were out, I really wanted Mallory and Gary to win...but I'm happy Jen and Keish won, too. It was nice to see a low-drama team win it. And how nice was that on Mother's Day?
I'm pretty sure if Mallory had won, though, her head would have actually burst into flames, so I'm glad we didn't have to see that.

It does bother me a bit when the final leg comes down to either dumb luck ("Cabbie Roulette!"or sheer physical strength. I'd rather they had some tasks that required memory or problem solving, like they've had in the past. It seemed like there was very little possibility of anyone actually changing position once they left Miami airport.

Poor Zev, it was a very bad day to be a hairy white boy. (And when does that ever happen?)

That waxing looked incredibly painful.....was there any reason that task was there other than to torture and humiliate the racers? It seemed like it was timed, which meant that there wasn't anyway for anyone to finish faster than anyone else, plus, if you've never had anything waxed before, let me tell you that spreading hot wax on your tender bits and pieces and ripping the hair out by the roots is very close to entering the 10th circle of hell.
Also, having learned to wax people in beauty school, I can tell you those women were Satan's minions.....they didn't trim the hair, they spread it on way too big an area and you're supposed to pull the skin taut and then press down on the area really hard right after the wax is ripped off. Justin is going to have some pretty funky regrowth on that chest of his. Not to mention, itchy.

I did like Justin's use of "Spanish As A Default Foreign Language" in Brazil. And the lady who replied "I don't understand you". I really hope they got to drown their sorrows in those caipirinhas, they looked yummy.

I'm thinking there was no real danger of those boats falling, because that? would have been one expensive episode if they had. Besides, they had the guy beside them guiding them the whole you think he was going to say "let 'er rip" and see what happened? And did I hear Mallory say she and her siblings used to "play on fork lifts all the time?" Because that would have been the Mister's fondest childhood dream come true.

I so want to go to the Underwater Lodge! Those little personalized submarine motorcycles looked insanely delightful! And dont' get me started on the Dali-esque, Looney Toons orchestra down there...a couple of caipirinhas and that place would blow. your. mind.

As a professional hairdresser, I live in fear that Miss Rose's hairdo will actually come into style, because I don't have the first freaking idea of where to start to get that. Defying gravity with hair is a tough gig. And did you see that it barely moved through those gale force winds? I want to know what hairspray Miss Rose is using, that stuff must be bullet-proof.

Kudos to the production team....that overhead shot of the Globetrotters wading up one side of Horseshow Island while Keisha and Jen were heading back on the other side, but neither team could see the other, was a great shot.

That bike ride uphill into the wind looked like a complete bitch of a's like every nightmare I've ever had come true: I have to get to some goal, I'm absolutely frantically desperate to get there, and no matter what effort I put in, some unseen force is thwarting me in every way possible. I would have seriously considered jumping off that bridge and swimming for it.

Until next season!

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