Monday, May 2, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 10

God, but Kent is an insufferable glittery pink and black nutsack, isn't he? Glad he's gone.
I noticed that when Vyxin said that she was left with the "best partner ever" (or words to that effect), there was a honking horn of doom.....I think the producers don't like Kent any more than I do.
Thing 1 said "Vyxen seems like a sweet girl, but Kent is not a sweet girl."

Hey! The Matterhorn looks just like Mount Crumpet! And I'm pretty sure it is named after that Disneyland ride! It's right beside "Pirates of the Carribean Mountain".

How would you like to have been the guy sitting in a freezing cold, icy crevasse, just waiting for some shreiking amatuers to come and rescue you? I hope they got paid a lot.

That was one sweet ride on those helicopters. I wonder how much that cost the producers.

Thing 1 and I are from Canada: we know how to shovel snow. The trick, in case you are wondering, is to go at it in layers, instead of straight down....that snow that clumps up into big chunks is actually kind of light, if you can take it out chunk by chunk it isn't all that bad. But I don't expect two boys from California, or Gary and Mallory from Kentucky to have the extensive knowledge that we have on the subject.

I really laughed when Gary pulled up half of his avalanche victim and yelled "I think he's gonna make it!"

Kent as a "gangsta" is one of the lamest things I've ever seen. Ever. Ever.

I'm with Mallory: I want to eat that gnome.

Favorite Line of the Night: Jen to Big Easy: "Shut up!", Big Easy: "I thought you liked me!" Jen: "I liked you when you were shuttin' up!"

Loved the St. Bernard. I think every pitstop should have an appropriate animal greeter...think of the camels!

I'm off to make ice cubes in the "oven".

Until next week!

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