Friday, June 10, 2011


After lusting after one for lo these many months, I broke down and bought an iPhone 4 on the weekend. Judging from the way it has consumed my existence this week, I think I may be in need of some sort of 12-step programme to get on with my life.

It all started with my mp3 player. It's a crappy little iPod knock-off I got on eBay about 6 years ago. It worked okay for a while, but eventually, the jack for the earpieces got touchy, and I had to jam it in with my thumb to get sound in both ears. And it hated running almost as much as I did; the bouncing around made it so mad it skipped all over the place. It was like I was running with an actual record and turntable in my hand. The last straw was when it started declining to play certain pieces, and the words "BAD SONG!" came up on the little screen, like I need my electronic devices criticizing my taste in music.

Then I got a new phone last Christmas. It was an improvement over my last cell phone, which was 2 years old and was quite literally being held together with scotch tape. But the buttons were very small, and I was having trouble typing messages on it quickly. (God, listen to me! Talk about "First World Problems")

Eventually I decided my life was completely without meaning unless I could get onto the internet at any time I chose. We don't have internet at work, and the thought of not being able to obsessively check my Facebook at a moment's notice, or look at excerpts from "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" on YouTube was making my life a misery.
Also, we are going to Montreal in a few weeks time, and I knew an iPhone would enable me to locate each and every Tim Horton's within walking distance at any time.

So, I got the phone. I am completely enamored of it. I felt like this when my kids were growing up: "NOW look at what it can do!!"
Except, I have spent the past week on the Apple website figuring out how to use it, and loading it up with all sorts of apps and music and such. I'm wasting hours and hours with this, and neglecting the rest of my life shamefully. But it's so much fun!....I have games! And a camera! And playlists! I even found an app that when you hold the phone up to a speaker that's playing music, it will tell you what the song is and who's singing it! And another site that, if I lose my phone, will tell me where it is, anywhere in the world! (I wish there was one that would tell me where in the house I've left it, because I envision that scenario happening a LOT.)

The Mister sure likes it; he spends ages playing around with it and watching it do things. (Again, sort of like when we had kids.) Thing 1 and Thing 2 want one of their own, maybe not today, but sometime in the future. (Baby analogy still holds.)

As for me, I'm enjoying the honeymoon phase of my new aquisition....everything is rosy and shiny and new, and we're perfect together. Eventually I will probably not think about it so much and just use it when I need it. I may even make a phone call on it.

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