Sunday, July 3, 2011

Things That Make Me Go "WTF".

1. The other day, I was stopped at an intersection, because the light was red. I was in the right hand lane, waiting to go straight. The guy behind me, honked and then swung around me into the left lane and passed me so he could make a right turn on a red light. Like I was infringing on his constitutional rights by occupying the right lane.

2. One of the reasons I don't go to movies very much any more is because it drives me bat-shit crazy to hear other people talking after I've paid 12 bucks to hear the people on the screen talking. (Other reasons: It's too freaking cold in there. Why do theaters have to be kept like walk-in refrigerators in the summer? Also, 12 bucks is too much money for some of the crap they play in theaters...I'll wait for the DVD, thanks.) So why, when I do go, which is when the movie has been out for weeks and the theatre is blissfully empty, do the only other people there sit right behind me??

3. Taking an elevator for one or two floors. You get a pass from me if you are A) elderly, B) toting small children or C) have a visible disability (like toting small children). But if you are able-bodied, mobile and smart enough to work the buttons, there's no need to wait 10 minutes to take the elevator down from the second floor.

4. People who complain that their gym doesn't have enough "good" parking spots. Because you wouldn't want to wear yourself out walking 30 extra feet when you're going to spend the next hour on a treadmill.

5. Clients who call for an appointment and their answer to "when would you like that" is "I don't know". Seriously? You didn't think that question was going to come up? Like, at all??

6. We had a guy who worked at the salon for about 3 days, once. One of the managers has a first name that you've probably never heard before. When introduced to her, this guy said "oh, I'm never going to remember that! I'm just going to call you 'Miss Thing' instead! " To his manager. On his first day. You can see why he didn't make it to the end of the week.

7. I once had a panhandler get snippy with me because he thought I wasn't being generous enough. Dude, I just gave you money, for free.... there's nothing in this for me. Why would I give you more? And does that approach ever work? Do people feel bad for not handing you enough money without anything in return?

8. We once had a lady call the salon to say that she wanted her money back. Her son's wedding had been 6 months before, and she had been happy enough on the day of the wedding, but she just saw the wedding pictures and didn't like the way her hair looked in them.

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