Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing Race 20, Finale

I'm thrilled at that finale! Art and J.J. didn't win! That's really all I cared about.

In other news, Dave and Rachel did win, which was fine by me; she really deserved that, she is the toughest chick I think I ever saw.  I wish he had been a bit less of a douchebag, (he could have merely appreciated the Hiroshima memorial without the "but Japan started it!" bit.) but you can't say they didn't earn that. When I saw that it was them who got to the Finish Line prematurely, I was sure Art and J.J would pass them and finish first, but then I saw how terrible Art was at the Hawaiian tobagganing, and figured everything would be okay.

Karma, it was really, really nice of you to show up just when we needed you most. When Art and J.J. said "follow them", after bitching about Rachel and Brendan "following" them  a few legs ago, it was exceptionally kind of you to bite them in the ass right then. And then you had them fail at a physical task that they were sure they would dominate....nice touch! Well played, Karma, well played.

I was so delighted that Art and J.J lost because of their own incompetence, not because someone else "betrayed them" (like, if they had been U-turned) or because of a taxi luck or even because of a task that was "too girly" that they "couldn't" have been good at. They lost fair and square.

Japanese game shows! I love Japanese game shows! No one does weird shit like the Japanese!

I laughed out loud at the "Conan and Kardashian" nickname. Speaking of which, I have to give Vanessa some huge credit for doing that running task with that banjaxed ankle; it sure looked nasty. I noticed at the final mat that she had a brace and seemed to not be able to put any weight on it. It's probably just as well that Mark and Bopper were already out; I'd have hated to see either one of them try that task. Apparently, Vanessa and Ralph are not a couple any more.

I noticed there was no memory task this time around.

Did anyone get what they were doing through that sushi bingo thing? Because I was lost...did they have to get the fish the announcer was calling out? Did they have to get certain fish in a particular order? Why not just pull all the sushi off the line and match the letters to the fish when you had 20 or 30 pieces? What were the locals at the tables doing, besides yelling and mugging at the camera? (Which is a good gig....I'd do it.) Thing 1 and I would still be there, if it had been us.
Can you imagine Big Brother Rachel at the Finish Line if she had shaved her head and still come in last? Not that I would have blamed her; I'd have pitched a hissy fit too if I looked like a boiled egg and didn't have a million bucks to show for it.

It's too bad Rachel is her own worst enemy, she actually is pretty good at the tasks and when things are going well, she's very competent. But when things are not going well she melts down and can't get past her emotions. I have no idea what Brendan sees in her...dude, that is how your life is going to be from now on, is that really how you want every disagreement, every car trip, every Christmas dinner to be for the rest of your life?

I liked how all the women were rubbing Bopper's shaved head at the Pit Stop.

This is the only show on tv that makes me tired just watching it.

Until next season!

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