Monday, April 30, 2012

Amazing Race 20, Episode 9

I knew Mark and Bopper were out before they even left their hotel room, but I still was sorry to see them go. (They left 3 hours behind the next-to-last team, and the rest of the day didn't look like it too much more than three hours to get through....they didn't stand a chance, unless someone else collapsed entirely, which, believe me, I was hoping Art and J.J. would do.)
 Those guys not only seemed to be having the time of their lives (despite the puking, the knee problems and the intravenous fluids.) and they showed what real friendship is all about. And it occurs to me that interracial friendships in rural Kentucky are probably not all that common even now, and those two make it look like it's no big deal. These guys completely won me over; I wasn't terribly keen on them in the beginning, mostly because Bopper has no inside voice.

I've come to realize that there are a few unofficial rules about this race that one must internalize if one is going to get through this: 1) Never accept a food challenge in Asia  2) "Needle in a Haystack" options are always risky 2) A Fast Forward in India will mean you will be bald. 4) always accept a challenge involving poop; they are smelly but fast.
Also: one should learn to drive a stick-shift, learn Chinese, know how to read a map and not be afraid of heights, water, animals or poop.

I've figured out who Vanessa reminds me of! She's Gabriella Solis, from "Desperate Housewives".

I can't say I'm surprised or even mad at Rachel for not shaving her head; shaving one's head is a pretty big deal for a girl, and an even bigger deal for a 12 year old girl, which Rachel is. I think I would have done it, but then again, I've been a hairdresser for almost 30 years; I've had some pretty horrendous hair-dos over the years that shaving my head would have come as a welcome option. I'd be some pissed, though, if I'd have come to the Pit Stop with my shaved head only to find out that everyone else checked in before I'd taken the clippers to my noggin.
At least Bopper's hair will grow back...remember the guys who had to get tattoos a few season ago? They'll have those stupid things forever.

Art and J.J. have slowly been falling apart since that whole U-Turn thing a few legs ago, no? I like how J.J. was offended that no one else took the fast forward, like it was done to him. I so don't want these guys to win.

I think I'd be happiest with Rachel and Dave winning; they certainly have played well and don't seem to be paying any attention to anyone else. I just wish he would take the stick out of his butt and enjoy himself a little more. And I'd like to get the name of the person who does Rachel's eyelash extensions, because those babies have stayed put.
And, you know what, I wouldn't even mind if Rachel and Brendan win....despite her fake tears and whining, she has stepped up when it counted, and he seems to be a steady player. (He rocked that wheelbarrow!) But mostly I would be okay with them winning because nothing would piss of Art and J.J. more, and that's always a plus in my books.

Please, please tell me that the team who comes in first at the finale but has to go back and finish the roadblock is Art and J.J. If that happens, I will totally believe in a just and loving God.

You know what's missing from this season? Drunken locals. Just sayin'.

Two hours next week!

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