Monday, December 10, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Finale

At the beginning of this season, my money would never have been on Josh and Brent to win, that's for sure. But good on 'em; they certainly showed that the only leg you really need to come in first on is the last one.

I loved this season; great locations and tasks, constant switching up of first and last places, and very likable teams, and right up until the last moment you really didn't know who was going to win. That really was an amazing race.

I think I'm most pleased, however, that the Twins did not make the final three; they were pretty tiresome in France. I couldn't believe that they were so enraged that the Beekmans were "taking the place of other teams who really wanted to be there" when the only reason they were still there was because of the Twins own shenanigans with the Double U-Turn. Did they expect the Goat Farmers to slink off and go home?
Brent and Josh weren't my favorite team this season, but the Twins were so awful during that dog-feeding task that I actually found myself rooting for them.

Oh, Chippendales, I so wish it had been you. I felt so bummed for them; they were class acts all the way along.
I will love Jaymes forever for kissing that plow horse. (And did you see the French guy's expression? He was all "I know! I love that horse too!")
 And the way he said, in the politest way possible to their cabbie in New York "can you please hurry? You have no idea how important this is to us", instead of someone screaming and crying, or claiming it's an emergency. (I'm looking at you, Mirna and Charla.) I'm glad they won the car, though. I love those guys, I hope they get another shot at this in another All-Stars season.

While Trey and Lexi were not the most exciting racers ever, I have to give them props; for two kids who had never travelled before, they handled this like pros. I can't imagine a more stressful, exhausting and character-challenging first trip out of the country. And although the constant "babes" were a bit annoying, they never blew up at each other or sniped or took their frustrations out on each other; a rare thing among couples in this game. But Lex, honey, lay off the "I want a ring!" stuff; he's not there yet, and you're making the rest of us uncomfortable.

I'm a little depressed that only the Beekmans knew the symbol for the UN. Seriously? These people went to college, didn't they? I like that Lexi thought it was a target. But then again, she'd never heard of Houdini, either.

Those final two tasks were brutal. I would have had all kinds of trouble keeping my shit together getting out of that straight jacket anyway, let alone hanging upside down a mile off the ground. Holy shnikes, if they had played rap music and made me eat blue cheese, that would have been every single one of my nightmares wrapped up in one big world of awful.
And Thing 1 and I KNEW the hellos and goodbyes would figure into the last leg! That was pretty hard, too. I'm fairly good at languages, but I'd be so distracted at the mat waiting for Phil to tell me what position I'm in, I don't think I'd be paying much attention to the greeter. I'm with Jaymes when he said "I didn't know we were supposed to memorize hello and goodbye, I thought they were just being cordial!"

That pizza looked all kinds of awesome....why did Lexi say "I hope we don't have to eat any pizza!" I would have had trouble staying away from it.

Did you hear that the Ford Escape has a new thingy where you just kick at the back bumper and the hatch opens? Maybe it's just a rumor.

I'm not sure what has to happen for something to qualify as a "festival, but  The "Festival of Horse Work" sounds like the worst festival ever.

I like how everyone was pronouncing the French words like they were Spanish.

How come the only Talking Head at the Amazing Finish Line was Rob the Monster Trucker saying how he now understands the "gay lifestyle" and he can accept them as people? First of all, welcome to 2012, dude, and secondly, I cannot begin to tell you what a douchbag you are.

Note to Self: Avoid cities where the Amazing Race has recently been..... a natural disaster is going to come by and level the place shortly thereafter. Seriously, tsunamis in Thailand, earthquakes in Chile, hurricanes in New Orleans and New York; this show manages to just run ahead of whatever biblical-level nastiness nature can dish up. Just sayin'.

I've read that the next Race will start on Sunday February 17th (it's just finished filming.)
Until next time!!

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