Monday, December 3, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Episdode 10

I figured it was a Non-Elimination leg when no one at the front of the pack started shrieking about being in the Final 3. And you KNOW Lexi would have been the Top-Notch Shrieker of all time there.

I have to admit, I still sort of like the Twinnies, even though I don't like them very much. They don't blame anyone else for their bad performance, and they certainly don't dissolve into tears when they abuse each other, either. I don't think I'd want to spend a month in a racearoundtheworld with them, though.
I loved when they  them called themselves stupid in Spanish.

At first I was offended on the Beekmans' behalf when the Twins said "they're super prepared....they're gay!", but then I realized I call them the Gay Goat Farmers all the time, and seriously, most of the gay guys I know are hellishly well organized.

Why did they have Tall Goat Farmer do the tennis task when he had JUST got his ankle back in working order? Man, that was a Symphony of Whine, wasn't it? Little Goat Farmer said he sounded like Monica Selles, but all I could hear when he was playing was Olive Oyl.
Thing 1 and I would be screwed if we had had to to that task! I can do a LOT of things, but hitting a moving ball is decidedly NOT one of them. Thing 1 is no better. We'd still be there.

I laughed out loud when Tall Goat Farmer was complaining about his ankle at the airport in Amsterdam, and little Goat Farmer was telling him to "do Lamaze breathing"....the look Tall Goat Farmer gave him was precisely the look I see on my husband's face at least once every time we have a conversation. It's that "what the hell is wrong with you" look, and "please stop talking, for both our sakes".

Yay! Self navigation! We haven't seen anyone drive themselves yet on this thing! When stressed people drive unfamiliar vehicles in strange countries, hilarity ensues!
Seeing Natalie and Nadiya lurching around with that stick-shift was all kinds of funny. I remember my first stick-shift car; I'm pretty sure I actually hopped home once, when I first got it,  like a rabbit.

Lexi and Trey aren't my favorite team; they're actually a bit blah. But on the other hand, they're probably the most drama-free couple I've ever seen on this thing. I had to have some sympathy when she sliced up her finger....I've had root canals, and wisdom teeth pulled and an ear infection and given birth, and none of them compared to the pain I felt when I got a sliver under my fingernail. I think the worst part for her is that she didn't see it coming....that kind of injury, when it's a surprise, really hurts!

Even though I would actually be happy to see any of these teams win, I really do have a particular soft spot in my heart for the Chippies....they're just so nice. They even said "hi, horsey!" to Don Quixote's burro.

What the hell was up with the greeter? Were they in the Spanish version of Sleepy Hollow?

I could hardly concentrate on this episode, because there was a promo at the beginning of the show where Phil announced that there is going to be a Canadian version of the Race! Hot-diggity!! Even though it looks like it's just going to be a racearoundthecountry, and not leave Canada, I'm still pretty soon as I figure out how to apply, I'm in! Big Liver Girl said she'd be my partner, and I think we'd be in pretty good shape. She can do all the athletic stuff and I can eat anything. I imagine there could be cod-kissing in Newfoundland and igloo building in Nunavut and perhaps a challenge involving getting across the Lions Head Bridge in Vancouver at rush hour. I'm off to brush up on my French and find out where all the Tim Hortons are across the country!

Until next week!

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