Sunday, December 16, 2007

And Since We've No Place to Go....

The other day on Facebook, I put my status as "wanting a snow day", so I feel like I'm kind of responsible for today's weather. (I had no idea I had that kind of power....I resolve to use it only for good. Good for me, I mean.) We've had about 8 inches of snow, enough to make driving difficult if the roads haven't been plowed. It was coming down pretty hard and blowing around quite a bit, and that made the decision to stay home today a very easy one. The idea of enforced relaxation appeals to me very much.
Thing 2 stayed over at my parents house for the night, because we had our staff Christmas party last night. I went to drive over and get her this morning, but after nearly getting stuck a couple of times, I took the van back home and walked over instead. (After pushing a neighbour's car out of the Himylaya of snow at the stoplights at the top of the street, I was glad I wasn't in the van.) Thing 2 was happy enough to walk home, feeling like a pioneer girl and singing Christmas songs along the way to entertain me. We discussed the stories she will tell her grandchildren about her adventure of walking 12 miles in the snow, uphill all the way, with only cardboard shoes for her feet and carrying a cord of wood. I think her grandchildren will be more interested in the fact that there was snow, because with global warming, they probably won't ever see any.
The girls played outside in the snow for most of the day, the Mister shovelled the driveway and messed around on the computer, and I? I drank coffee, ate chocolate and did the Sunday crossword. I baked cupcakes and read my book and had a nap. Toby took one look at the drift outside the front door that was bigger than him, looked at me with a wounded look of deep disappointment, and went to go look out the window. Really, we should schedule a snow day for about once a month, they are fabulous.

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