Friday, July 11, 2008

Cellular Hi-Jinks

Thing 1 has recently acquired a cellphone, which has hardly been out of her possession since she got it. This has come in very handy for us, since I can call or text her any time about almost anything, and I do. She puts up with this with a weary resignation, because she knows that I will soon tire of this perpetual availability, and leave her alone.

The other day, though, the Mister got in on the act. He knew that Thing 1 was in the house somewhere, but couldn't find her. He had just come up from downstairs, was pretty sure she hadn't been there when he left it, and she wasn't in her room, the kitchen or the living room. So he called her on her cell phone. Turns out she was in the family room in the basement.

She was exasperated with him, told him he was ridiculous and hung up. We thought it was hilarious.

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