Saturday, July 12, 2008


There will be no blogs for the week, we are off to a cottage. We have been renting this particular cottage for dogs years, and it is a welcome respite from the rest of our lives.

I've been packing for this all morning, and as much as I love the week away, if someone told me right now that aliens had landed or there had been some freak shark attacks on the west shoreline of Lake Huron, and we couldn't go, I'd be happy enough. The packing kills me, because we essentially have to pack up our house for a week and go. It's too much like moving. Of course, I also think that this means that we could do with just the stuff we take all the time, and the stuff we leave behind is extraneous, and really, we have too much stuff.

It is a lovely chance to sit and read and eat s'mores uninterrupted for a week, and that is just fine with me. I asked Thing 2 what it was she liked about the cottage, and she replied "it's just the four of us, and nobody is busy". That sums it up nicely, I think.

See you in a week.

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