Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dressed For Success.

As I mentioned last week, blogging does have it's up side. My good friend Carolyn generously donated a set of hip waders AND chest waders to me because she saw on my blog that I was going fishing in Quebec at the end of the month. (I suspect that Carolyn really didn't want the waders hanging around her garage any longer. Her husband is a fisher, and from the looks of things, Carolyn has stored about as much fishing gear as she can stand.)
So this weekend, I went to pick them up, and here is the result:

Fetching, no? I love them. Hide belly bulge? Check. Entirely waterproof? Check. No cutting waistband or itchy lace? Check. One piece that requires no accesorizing, including shoes?? Check. Embarrasses the snot out of my children? Check and double check. What's not to love. I wish I could wear them all the live long day.

1 comment:

Speranza Speaks said...

If Ed Grimley were a fisherman, these are just the kind of waders he would wear,LOL!

This is a really fabulous photo and I admire you even more than I did before ... also, they look alarmingly similar to the pajamas I wear on 'bloat' days ...