Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Benefits of Blogging

My friend Carolyn, who has been a long-time Mrs. Loudshoes follower and one-woman PR machine for the blog, e-mailed me last week.
It seems that she read my recent account of the local fly fishing club meeting, and my attendance at it with Big Liver Girl.

Big Liver Girl is much more interested in fly fishing than myself, meaning that she actually goes to casting clinics and forks over real money for equipment. I, on the other hand, as a confirmed dilettante, will happily tag along on any outing, give all activities a go, and will cheerfully keep eveyone else supplied with beer when the going gets tough.

Carolyn's 76 year-old-Italian neighbour came over with some hip waders that she didn't want to store anymore, wondering if Carolyn's sons or husbands, who actually do fish, would know someone who could use them. And because of my blog, they DID! I will be picking up my new equipment this weekend! What luck! (This means that I have aquired a set of golf clubs and hip waders all for free in the past year. Who could have seen that coming??)

So, just in case anyone's interested, we need a new kitchen floor.

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Carolyn said...

Did I forget to mention that my neighbour gave us TWO pairs of waders? You can have both hip- and chest-waders on one condition. I want to see you model them before leaving my house.