Friday, July 31, 2009

I Had A Dream.

I know, I know, I'm always rabbiting on about how boring I find other people's dreams, mostly because I think the symbolism and meaning of dreams is vastly over-rated. Seriously, it just meant that you dreamt you went to school naked, you didn't actually do it...let it go. But last night's dream made me laugh when I woke up and remembered it.

I dreamt that I went to was walking to work and I forgot to put on shoes. Again. Like most dreams, it seems perfectly logical to find myself in such a predicament, and I'm exasperated that I haven't learned a thing since the last time it apparently happened. (I have actually found myself walking down a street inadvertently barefoot, but there were some some savagely painful high heels, a wedding reception and a very late hour involved.)

As I was walking along, mad at myself, a homeless guy asked me for money and I was all "Dude, for God's sake, I don't EVEN HAVE SHOES!"

So, even in my dreams, I find myself justifying my behaviour to homeless guys.

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