Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does That Ever Work?

I got taken to task today by a homeless guy. I don't think I've ever had that experience before.

I was walking to Starbucks this afternoon, when a youngish guy who looked like he really needed a shower asked me if I had any spare change. He wasn't particularly polite about his request (he never said "excuse me" or "please", which are the bare minimums, I think.) , so I ignored him and kept going. On my way back from Starbucks, he actually said "oh, I see you have enough money for coffee, but not enough for me", in a very wounded tone.

Not wanting to get into a verbal tussle with a guy who's not even smart enough to figure out how to put a roof over his head, I kept going. But, seriously, what the hell is that? He seemed so indignant that I selfishly spent my own money on myself instead of him. Entitlement in a homeless guy seems a little misplaced, if you ask me.

As a panhandler, his technique needs a bit of work, I think.

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