Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things That Need to Be Said

1. Jane, I am positive I did not steal your coat. I was not at the Legion, where yours disappeared from, this one has no spangly, blingy beautiful pin and I'm entirely sure you would never walk around with an appallingly large rip in the lining.
2. Lunch out with Big Liver Girl is one of my very favorite things in the whole world.

3. I is not physically possible for me to care less about Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien.

4. Lady at the grocery store yesterday who complained long and bitterly about the price of fresh cherries in Canada in January: watch the news and see what is happening in Haiti and then hang your head in shame.

5. I really like that my dad gives me a ride to work on Wednesday mornings. Not because I don't have to take the bus, and not because I can leave 20 minutes later, but because it's really nice to spend a few minutes with just him.

6. To be able to comfort a friend who is anxious and worried makes me feel like a superhero.

7. I have great in-laws.

8. My children are turning out to be nice, decent, reasonable, hilarious people, with whom I enjoy spending my time. I had heard that when they turned 14, they would be unrecognizable nightmares that I would cheerfully kill in their sleep. This has not turned out to be the case, and I'm grateful.

9. Thing 1 has decided to move her bedroom from the main floor of our house to the spare room in the basement. While the Mister puts down the new carpet, we have moved the rather large and bulky desk into the hallway temporarily. The only way to do this was to up end the desk, and have it sort of blocking the hall for a day or two. Toby thinks this is the best idea we ever had, and occupied all aspects of the new arrangement with haste. Here he is, on what would be the right-hand end of the desk. He has taken this opportunity of vertical superiority to physically assault everyone who goes by. As this is the only way in or out of the family room, there is ample opportunity for him to ambush every unsuspecting head foolish enough to pass within paw's reach. Here he is, eagerly awaiting his next victim....

It is unrelentlingly hilarious.


Erin said...

It is so nice to hear someone say that the older their kids get, the MORE fun and funny they are. Makes me smile as I look forward to the future. I can only imagine a child of yours being unceasingly hilarious!!

Camlin said...

Cherries aren't that expensive right now...2.99 a pound. For me, no matter what the price, they are a luxury item (except in June and July when cherries actually grow in Ontario). When I think about the people with no food and no water, that woman's comment makes me cringe...