Monday, April 5, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 8

For all that they tried to make that ending suspenseful, it was pretty obvious from about 8:30 on that Steve and Allie were going to be eliminated. They just made too many small errors to be able to make up time. I really liked them and am sorry to see them was nice to see such a good dynamic between a parent and a child on this race....remember scrrrreeeechy Ron and his long-suffering daughter Christina from Race 12? At least they don't have to run the rest of the race in borrowed underwear and no socks.

Oh, my gravy, those Cowboys are fierce, no? That was quite a performance from those two.

How long do you think they made that guy stand in the ocean at the Roadblock? Because he was only up to his knees when Jet came by, but by the time Caite and Jordan and Allie did it, he was practically afloat. Do you think they let him out between racers, or did he have to stand in the water the whole day? These are the kind of questions I ask myself when I'm watching this sort of thing.

So many good lines last night, but my Favorite Exchange of the Night was Steve with the cabbie:
Steve: "Do you know where this is?", Cabbie: "I don't know", Steve: "What?", Cabbie: "No problem".
Also: "It takes a big man to fill his pants, but I'll try."

I'm really hoping that the cops don't really like Caite and Brent, they're just flattering them into a false sense of security to ally with them, then they'll throw those two under a bus right at the end.

Every time Princess Sparkle-Headband spat out "the lesbians", Thing 1 and I shouted "they have names, you know" at our tv. Seriously, how do you think it would go over if she refered to Dan and Jordan as "the Jews"? At least she is providing a Very Valuable Lesson in Public Relations for my children.
When they came to the Amazing Bathmat and Phil told them they were "team number 4" and they said "we'll take that"....Gaaaahh.....Did they have a choice? These two get on my last nerve.

I can only imagine the language in those cameramans' heads when Steve and Allie, and Dan and Jordan unloaded from those cabs...."are you freaking kidding me?? I've got to run up that stupid hill in this heat, with 40 pounds of camera on my shoulder?? Get back in the cab!!"

Was anyone else a little concerned for Louis's pulmonary health during that protracted coughing fit? Because I'm no medical man, but I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with cardio fitness, and everything to do with your lungs saying "you know what? we quit".

I want a big giant swing, and someone to bring me tea. That would be the best day ever.
Did you see Cord shake the guru's hand? Such a nice boy.

I expect a U-Turn of Carol and Brandy next week.

Until then!

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Jude said...

"...Princess Sparkle-Headband..." LMAO on that one. I can't stand that team!

and I thought the water was rising too..i guess he was told to "stand there" and that's what he did.