Monday, April 12, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 8

Right about now, we are at the point where I spend the opening credits going "who's that?", and "oh, right, they were in this season." Some of these teams were a LONG time ago.

Caite and Brent just get more and more pleasant, don't they? Not that I think they shouldn't have used the U-Turn; it's part of the game, and more power to those who use it. However, I think they U-Turned the wrong team....using it against a team who is stronger than you seems to me to be the better strategy, though, rather than use it against a team for whom you have a rather personal vendetta. (But the U-Turn and the Yeild tend to be the weapon of choice for those with an axe to grind. Just ask the Weavers, from the Family Edition, who were Yeilded twice, mostly because they were obnoxious and other teams were fighting to get the chance to stick it to them.)
It does occur to me, and it was demonstrated by Dan and Jordan, that being pleasant and getting along with your fellow racers might not be a huge advantage in the race, but it does mean that you have less of a chance of being Yeilded or U-turned.

If the Detectives manoevered Caite and Brent to u-Turn Carol and Brandy as a strategy to A) knock out a good team without dirtying their own hands, and B) getting the models to not see that they, the detectives, are their major competition at the finish line, then that is one amazing bit of strategy, and good on them. If they groomed Caite and Brent to U-Turn Carol and Brandy because they just plain don't like them, then they are douchebags.

I get that Carol and Brandy were frustrated and disappointed and mad, but, man, some of that was hard to watch. Note to self: if you are ever on national television, no matter how pissed off you are, remember that you are on national televison. And then shut. up. I'm not sorry to see them go; they didn't seem to be enjoying themselves very much. I did like the bit about Caite looking like Cruella DeVille. That made me laugh.

Asian Phil! How cute was he!

The brothers are growing on me very much. I LOVED that Boy Jordan put on his big boy underpants and powered through that Fast Forward, even though he was shaking like a kitten up there. And Dan was very supportive without being pushy or fake....he never once called his brother "baby" for instance. And I loved their reaction when they were told they won motorbikes: "No way! Our mom would never let us ride those things!". By the way, I wonder what their mother thinks about the bungee jumping, the high-wire climbing, the crawling through a battlefield and the clamboring along the top of a ferris wheel at 500 feet. Maybe a motorbike doesn't seem like such a bad thing now.

Did you see some of the kinds of ice cream they had to sell? Corn?? Red Bean Paste?? MANGO MEAT??? And I don't think I will be eating my ice cream enveloped in Wonder Bread any time soon, either.

One more thing to put on the List Of Things To Bring With Me on The Race: a counter. And disinfecting wipes. (Thank you Dan and Jordan!) Along with duct tape, WD-40, a calculator and sunscreen.

The only thing that would have made me mad about winning the Fast Forward would be missing that zip line thing...that looked sweet.

During the counting task, I don't think the guy hammering away on the steel plate was actually doing anything other than hammering away on the steel plate. From what I could tell, he just had a big old clanging hunk of steel and he was whaling away on that for no discerable purpose, other than to beat the tar out of it and make as much noise as possible in the process. I want that job.

When Brent said "Ladies get what they want, bitches don't get anything", I thought he should spend a bit of time in high school. In my experience, bitches do just fine.

Two weeks!!

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