Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabulous Friday

I love Good Friday; it's one of my very favorite holidays of the year, and you know why?? Because I have to do NOTHING to celebrate it.....nothing at all. No presents, no songs, no big meals, no cards, no costumes, no rituals, no nothing. What's not to like. Good Friday is an absolutely found day, with no expectations whatsoever. I love it.

And to top it off, the weather was spectacular today....warm, sunny, almost summer-like weather. We were wearing shorts on the second of April, for goodness sake. Many's the year where early April brings ice storms or blizzards or merely weather that makes you want to cry. But not this year! We actually slept with the windows open last night, and we did not die of hypothermia!

It's not terribly unusual for us to have summery weather for Easter, it's certainly happened before. One year, when I was about 17 or 18, my mom and dad had a willow tree chopped down in the backyard, and my brother and I were helping to chop it into firewood. It was a really hot weekend, probably about 30°C or so, and my dad had only recently opened the was about 56°F (that's about 13 in Celcius...don't ask me why, but we never did get around to using centigrade for the pool, it was always in Farenheit.) We spent the weekend nearly fainting from the heat of chopping wood and then risking cardiac arrest by jumping into the was so cold all you could do was shallow dive for the other end and get out right away before your body parts froze and fell off.

Another Easter I remember being just beautiful, and my mother had an Easter egg hunt for the grandchildren in the backyard. She had the brilliant idea of colour-coding the eggs, so that each child was only allowed to pick up his or her assigned colour. (Otherwise my niece, who was the oldest by a few years, would have made out like a bandit, snagging all the eggs in about 3 minutes, without a qualm. ) It turns out the weather was good enough for the squirrels to be out, too, because we discovered that they liked the gold-covered eggs, because they made off with about half of them. (Luckily, grandma had a few leftovers in the house. We hid those inside the house.)

I went for a run today, which was hot work because, hello! no shade in April! The leaves haven't come out yet...the whole run was in full sunlight. Last week I was wearing gloves and a hat. It's a bit abrupt.

All of us went on a bike ride this afternoon, which was lovely. There were so many people out, enjoying the day. Then the Mister took the girls to the driving range. (I didn't go because of my gammy shoulder; it still hurts occasionally when I brush my teeth, I'm pretty sure swinging a golf club would not have improved matters.
After an hour or so of reading my book, we went to my mother's for dinner. What could be better?
I think "Good" Friday isn't good enough...I think we should re-name it Fabulous Friday.

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Jude said...

Fabulous Friday? I like that too!