Monday, July 12, 2010


Back home. We arrived into the real world on Saturday, having spent a blissful, soothing, lazy week at the cottage. And as much as I love that week away from my life every year, I really love coming home, too.

We have been renting the same cottage on Lake Huron for 13 summers now, and this was, easily, THE hottest week we've ever had there. The temperatures rarely went below the 30s, and it was hazy and hot and humid for the duration. It was a perfect week to be at the beach, living in a bathing suit and napping every day. It was heavenly to be able to read in the shade all day, drinking something icy cold and snoozing whenever the feeling came over you.
And the best part is that we still have a whole other week of holidays left! Usually, go to the cottage on our second of our two weeks, but this year, because Thing 1 got a job (yay!!) we went up to the lake on our first week. AND, it started raining yesterday and is still raining today, so we definitely got the better of the two weeks.
This is last week:
It was so hot that the Mister and the girls literallly spent the day in the lake. That's the Mister on the left, sitting in a chair in Lake Huron, and that's the girls on the right, going out far enough to submerge themselves in the water.
This is today....soggy and wet. (Although, it is a welcome relief from the heat and humidity.)

This week, we will go blueberry picking and see some movies. I plan on reading even more books, and surfing the net. I can do some errands, but when I feel like it. And I can sleep in my own bed.

I love holidays, where ever they happen.

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