Monday, March 7, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 3

As I was tiring of the whole "When Will Mel Actually Die" story arc, seeing he and Mike go home doesn't bother me too much. It was bad enough that Mel seemed to be struggling every single step of the way, but watching Mike wring his hands and sound like Olive Oyl all day long was getting on my last nerve. And just a side note, how come Mike looks as old as his dad?

Rules of the Race # 17: NEVER, EVER pick a connecting flight over a direct flight. Unless of course, the connecting flight is 12 hours or more ahead of the direct flight. Or the movies are really good.
Also? A Needle in a Haystack option relies too much on luck, I'd always pick the more physically challenging but faster option. Just sayin.

I had no idea that Christina and Azaria were a couple. Of course, if I recall correctly, he was an overbearing, bossy turdwagon who never listened to his racing partner and told her she was doing everything wrong all the time. Kind of like Ron, so, okay.

Speaking of Ron, I think Zev is not the only racer with Aspberger's. In fact, I think Zev is more socially capable and functions with a tad more awareness and sensitivity than Ron ever has.

As much as I thought Christina sounded like she was tattling on the Globetrotters to Phil, I guess I have to give her some slack because she has to listen to Ron all the live long day. Can you imagine that car ride from the waterfall to the pitstop??? No doubt it was Ron complaining and bitching all. the. freaking. way. to the only person who was just as freaked out as he was about it. Ron reminds me of my old band leader in high school, who yelled at all of us that showed up for practice about the lazy ass ones who didn't show up.....I'm sure Christina got everything he wanted to say to the Globetrotters, and then some.

I was kind of disappointed in Jaime during the little car accident incident; I was kind of looking forward to her head actually bursting into flames right there on the Tokyo sidewalk. But she handled everything far more calmly and patiently than predicited, and I didn't get to see her spontaneously combust. Of course, she did have to snot that the guy was making a big deal out of things, but seriously, maybe the laws are different in Japan than what you're used to, it could be a company car, the guy might have already had issues with his insurance company, maybe it's a freaking expensive mirror, who knows; his mirror, his call on how to handle it.

Favorite Line of the Night: Justin: "We're a team". Zev: "Don't touch me."

I just want to tell Jaime and Cara that panda are Chinese, not Japanse.

Was it just the channel we were watching, or did everybody get that weird echoing sound on the "Next week on" previews? Because it sounded like Phil was announcing that from Pluto.

Until next week!

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Carolyn said...

When this episode started, I was gleefully anticipating the elimination of Jamie and Cara . . . until I witnessed the pure misery that was Mel and Mike. It was a relief to see them go.

Zev has become one of my favourite racers. I think I like him even more than Jett and Cord.

Oh, and about that weird echoing during next week's preview? It wasn't just you or your TV. We got it here, too.