Monday, March 21, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 4

Excellent episode! Dinosaurs! Wacky native costumes! Cab drama! If only there had been donkeys and drunken, laughing locals!

Jamie and Cara being U-Turned right in front of their faces was, hands down, the best thing I think I've ever seen on this show. Ever, ever. It was a huge big steaming pile of awesome. I will love Kent and Vyxen forever for that, even if she can't read a compass and he wears too much lipgloss. And that's exactly who you do U-Turn: the team you know is behind you, not the team how's already passed you, like last time. And the double U-Turn meant that they would U-Turn someone, ensuring that there would be two teams behind them slowed down....that Kent is wiley like a coyote, I tell you.
I'm kind of sorry not to be able to see Jamie in India, though. That would have been all kinds of fun, watching her head burst into flames.

Did you notice Jamie on the mat saying "things never go our way". Really? I'm sure the people in Japan trying to prevent a nuclear meltdown in the midst of more earthquakes are having a picnic in comparison to you.

Meanwhile, Ron is still a tool.

I think that's the snottiest I've seen Mallory in two seasons of racing....her "Fine. Now!" was like watching a kitten have a tantrum.

That dinosaur model looked tough....neither Thing 1 or I wanted to take that one! My nephew got a little one of those for Christmas once, and it took several people with a bunch of university degrees to figure that stupid thing out. And we didn't have to worry about falling off any ladders.
Thank GOD I didn't have to watch Mel and Mike do that one....I wouldn't have been able to stand it.

I liked when the Globetrotters were trying to figure out the doll order, and they memorized it with "skunk, bucket, mop..." Because that's exactly how I would do it, too!
Also, I loved when Zev and Justin picked the top bunk on the train (Which looked to be about 40 feet up) to avoid being murdered easily.....that's the way I think, too!! To this day, I don't stay on a hotel floor above the 9th, because my mother told me that's as high as the firetruck ladders can reach. See? I'm always thinking.

What was with the unneccesary but ghastly close-up of the ginormous Chinese spider?

So, Kent knew the periodic table a few weeks ago, and now confesses a working knowledge of dinosaurs? Methinks all the eyeliner and pink lipstick is to cover up what a massive adorkable science nerd he really is.

Favorite Line of the Night: when they were playing basketball (which I loved!) and Jet said that playing with Big Easy was "like playing against a tree."
Also, I liked Justin's improve in trying to convey Stone Forest to the cabbie by picking up a rock and pointing to a tree. Maybe not the most effective communication, but he gets props for creativity.

The girls and I had a 90 minute drive to get to Fort Myers to catch a flight last week, and we had hours in which to do it. And I was stressed about it all the night before. It really does bring home to you what kind of tension these guys deal with for weeks at a time. No wonder Killer Fatigue takes such a round out of them.

Next week: India! India is kryptonite for Racers! No country has eaten more racers alive than India!
Looks like Luke turns on the waterworks again. I'm sure Ron will be all kinds of sympathetic.

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