Monday, March 28, 2011

Amazing Race, Unfinished Business Episode 6

Watching with Thing 1 last night, we both agreed that if a task was ever "too hard" the other one would console her and comfort her and then remind her that this was on national television and her curling up on the floor and crying would be on YouTube forever. If eternal embarrasment didn't work, then a sound ass-kicking would commence. We've got it all worked out. I did have a bit of sympathy for the racers when I saw all that tea....I have the teeny tiniest bladder God ever made and I had to go to the bathroom just looking at that table of ten thousand tea cups. Hopefully, Thing 1 would have done it. But, it wasn't TOO hard, because a bunch of other people did it.....Flight Time definitely looked like he wanted to throw up, but he just put his head down and got on with it. Luke's downfall on both his seasons of the race was his getting completley overwhelmed by his own frustrations, and then focusing on that instead of the task at hand. Somehow I thought if anyone would lie down and cry on this race, it would be Kent. I think this is the first Amazing Race where they've gone to India and NO ONE has complained about the smell or has been overwhelmed by the crowds and the culture shock. Mallory even seemed to enjoy it. Of course, India's not over yet. Cab drivers in India are whack-a-doo. Apparently they are all competing in some sort of race for a million ruppees and are willing to die in the attempt. Wait a minute..... I really liked Zev's slammin', silky, tea-tasting pajamas. Apparently he tweeted after the show: "Lotsa peeps asking why the silver pajamas...the answer: BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME." He's dead right, they are awesome. But you really shouldn't break other people's tea cups, Zev, because that's not yours. Who knew that "disco music" was the key to Ron's soul? Here he's been whining and grumping his way all around the world, and it all could have been so much better with a Bee-Gee's soundtrack. I'm sorry, but that Indian music would have driven me crazy....for some reason that stuff goes right to the base of my brain stem and drowns out any other thought....its' like musical Dementors for me. We used to eat at a particular Indian restaurant here in town that had the most nasally, piercing music....loved the food but had to stop going because I'd be in such a funk by the time we'd eaten. I loved them all messing with Mallory at the Town Hall gate, and her good natured "I hate y'all!". It's nice to see a race where they all seem to like each other and there's not a lot of sniping and bitching about other teams. Of course Kent and Vyxyn were good at painting a statue of Ganesh; those two have the most weirdly diverse and transferable skills I think I've ever seen since Grandpa Don. ("I used to do my own dental work! I know how to mine gold! When I was a kid, we always made our own car batteries!") How much did I love the guys in the funny red hats at the tea-tasting? They were fabulous...from their clear "WTF" faces at Luke breaking down to their obvious sympathy and relief when he finished, those guys were all kinds of awesome. I liked that Margie thanked them and hugged them too. And watching Jaime (and to a lesser extent) Cara get eliminated never gets old for me. And you know what? I like everyone will be hard to see the next couple of weeks, because I don't really want anyone out and I'd be happy to see any of the teams left win. Mrs. Loudshoes is going to have to work very hard to get her snark on. Until next week!

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Jude said...'d fit right in with this group. You're right....snark it up some! ;)
I had to love those red hat Indians too. They tried their darnedest to raise Luke up on their shoulders! But after all that tea, it was probably better that they didn't succeed.