Monday, November 26, 2012

Amazing Race 21, Episode 9

Because I am a mean, little person, I found that sort of delightful. Nothing against Abby, she seemed competent and resourceful and tough, but Ryan was such a douchebag, it was hard not to be a wee bit thrilled at their elimination. Especially when he kept going on and on about the Chippendales "true colours" and that they "cheated [us] out of two million dollars", when he cheerfully would have U-Turned the Goat Farmers in a heartbeat himself. The U-Turn is a legitimate part of the game; it's not "underhanded" to use it. And, newsflash, everyone wants to win this, not just you.

Allow me to get on my high-horse for just a minute here, and declare that it is a terrible state of affairs when someone has to win a reality show so that someone they love can get the medical care they need.

 Ryan and Abby didn't just have one bad leg; they've been struggling at the back of the pack for three legs now. They left the Pitstop in Moscow a full 23 hours behind Jaymes and James....U-Turn or no, they'd have to have counted on some serious bunching in the next couple of legs to get back in the game.

I'm not a fan of the U-Turn (except, of course, when it is used against a team I don't like.) because it's almost impossible to work your way back from, and I don't like the interpersonal drama it stirs up. I like the Race when people are out because they gambled and lost (like taking a one-hour connection in Frankfurt) or because they made some terrible decisions (like waiting at the pool with the last team to leave).

Wouldn't it have all kinds of awesome if Trey and Lexie had actually gone to Paris?

I am going to find a way to work the phrase "awesome balls!" into as many conversations as possible in the very near future.

Was I the only one shouting at the Twins during the Fast Forward: "shut up and EAT!" ( Somehow, I imagine their mother spent a LOT of time at their dinner table wearily moaning that phrase.)  Man, I thought they were going to run out of time simply because neither of them could not stop telling the other one how to do it .

How much do I love the Chippendales? About as much as I have loved any team ever on this show. I love that blond James (who reminds me more and more of a Golden Retriever) is so nice and happy and enthusiastic, and dark James is solid and competent and a good guy. I loved how appreciative they were about seeing Amsterdam on the boat ride. And I also loved that they pulled out the collars and cuffs for the organ grinding task. I loved that they brought the collars and cuffs. (I can just hear the discussion during packing for this: "....and a calculator, and hair gel, and my contacts, and some duct tape. Oh! And collars and cuffs, for sure!") Did you see that one guy who seemed to be filming them on his little camcorder for the whole thing? Creepy.

I'd have given Lexi a couple of Euros to stop screeching. Man, she has got one grating voice.

That day sure changed, didn't it? I know it probably was actually two days, it was hard to keep track. I wonder if the Twins and the Chippies were checked in before Ryan and Abby and the Goat Farmers even left Moscow? Because the first teams were racing in the summer, and the last teams were racing in the fall.

I felt a real kinship with Abby when she was tearing up hugging that mom-type woman who gave her the rest of the money. I'm okay with fighting through whatever stresses I'm facing, but all I need is ONE person to be especially nice to me and then I'm a puddle of tears.

Tall Goat Farmer has already checked out of this. I don't know if it's Killer Fatigue or just knowing that they are circling the drain or because he misses his goats, but I distinctly get the sense that he'd be very happy if they were Philiminated.
BTW, LOVED that Phil asked if they would have preferred if they be eliminated instead of Abby and Ryan. They'd whined enough at that point that I think even Phil was sick of them.

Next week: Tall Goat Farmer isn't good at something and collapses in a heap of despair. So, in other words, nothing new.

Until next week!

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