Friday, August 15, 2008


The Mister and I are without children for a few days. No, we did not sell them for spare parts and medical experiments, as we have threatened to do on numerous occasions; they have gone to visit with their paternal grandparents until Sunday.

The girls always enjoy a bit of time at Nanna's house because it is only about 40 miles from home, and therefore close enough to get to without a lengthy car ride, and far enough away that they have to stay for a night or two. The fact that Nanna is an excellent cook (she owns her own deep-fryer. For right in the house. And she's not afraid to use it.) and is very, very nice, to boot. The Mister's father is always a big draw, too, because, being a bit shy and unsure of himself around the kids, especially when they were small, his main form of bonding with them was over popcorn and ice cream. They thought he was a god.

Himself has a sister who lives close to his parents, too, and she is phenomenally and unwaveringly wonderful to my girls. Being the mother to three boys, she is thrilled when the girls come to visit, if only because when she says "lets go shopping" she is greeted with hoots of delight from the Loudshoes children, instead of the usual groans of despair from her own.

The Mister and I stayed late at work, without guilt, and then walked a few blocks down to get some Middle Eastern food for dinner. (It was stellar. Enough lemon and garlic and parsley to cripple a horse.) Then we waddled home to our very quiet house and will shortly watch a movie. Usually, when the girls are home, I only watch movies produced by Disney. It's either that or constantly answer questions about what's going on, or worse, have to explain every sexual reference in the most PG terms possible. ("That's a party for three people.") Tonight we can watch a movie with naked, swearing people in it, and not anyone tell us how inappropriate it is for us to do so. Tomorrow we can go for a drink after work and not care what time we come home, or when is dinner. And on Sunday we can sleep in.
Except that Toby will wake us up looking for tuna. I wonder when we will get a catless weekend?

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