Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Nutty Clients

Its pretty easy for us at the salon to acertain that there is a full moon without consulting a calendar. The clients act as a very accurate measure.

On Saturday, one of the stylists had an up-do booked, and when the client came (20 minutes late and with disgustingly dirty hair) she revealed that the event she was attending that afternoon, was, in fact, her own wedding. Now usually, we book a consultation with a bride a few weeks before the wedding, so that everyone involved is familiar with each other and knows what to expect on the day, and, you know, avoid major emotional breakdowns on both sides of the arrangement. But no, this bride didn't mention that she was, in fact, a bride, and pretty snotty about what was going on with her hair and the stylist finally gave up and handed her over to the Mister to deal with. While the Mister was doing the best he could with the oil well on her head, she said. indignantly, that nobody asked if she was getting married when she made the appointment. So now we have decided that from now on we will ask every client who books an appointment, "so who would you like to do your hair, and by the way, are you by chance getting married this weekend?". That should solve that problem.

Later on that day I did a colour consultation with a woman who was complaining that she had had her hair done the last time in London, but was unhappy with it. It seems that her colour hadn't lasted long enough for her, and she wasn't going back. "I had it done about a month ago, and now I can see grey at the roots!". I tried to explain to her as plainly as I could that her hair had grown in a month, and that was why she could see grey roots. She replied that her hairdresser in Toronto could make it last longer than that, so I suggested that she go back to that hairdresser, who could defy biology and make miracles happen. I've got about three hundred clients who would be very happy to find out how to make hair stop growing, so if she wanted to let me in on the secret, I'd be more than happy to listen. It was all I could do not to add "you moron" to the end of my sentances, but I'm pretty sure she could hear them anyway.

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