Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fair Fallout

It was the annual Loudshoes family trip to the Fair last night, and we're all paying for our folly today.

  • We all have sore feet, from walking and standing for 7 hours straight. The Mister and I stand at work for HOURS every day, but somehow that doesn't seem as tortuous as hanging around waiting for our children and walking several miles in pursuit of yet more nutritionally-bankrupt food.
  • The copious amounts of nutritionally bankrupt food we consumed has left us all sluggish and nauseous and intestionally peevish. Is there anything they can't deep fry? That we won't eat? Actually, we didn't give the chocolate-covered bacon a go, not because we were too good for such fare (far from it), but because it was kind of expensive, and part of me was worried that it would be awful, but most of me was worried that it wouldn't be, and believe me, if the Loudshoes family got hooked on chocolate-covered bacon, I am sure that we would lose our life's savings in pursuit of it forever. Also, I think I could make that at home, if need be.
  • Our ears are ringing from the egregiously loud music they play at almost every ride in the midway. Seriously, I could feel the beat from the Super Himilaya right through my sternum from about 100 feet away. My heart was beating to the Black-Eyed Peas; I thought I was going to have a stroke. This morning, I still couldn't hear properly.
  • Everyone had trouble getting up this morning. We didn't get home that late, and everyone went straight to bed, but I'll tell you, that alarm was not kind at 7 a.m. Thing 2 was groaning loudly as she got ready for school, and when I pointed out that she really only went to bed an hour later than usual, she said "but it was an action-packed hour".
  • I foolishly scheduled myself to work this morning, the first Tuesday I've worked in 15 years. (When Thing 1 was born, and I dropped down to part-time, I stopped working Tuesdays. Even when I upped my hours last year to full time, I still didn't work on Tuesdays, opting for 4 longer days, with Tuesdays off. Things have changed and I have Fridays off, with today being the first Tuesday of the new schedule. Very bad planning on my part, to start it the day after the trip to the fair.)
  • It's a whole year until we get to do it again!!

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Dawg said...

Chocolate covered bacon. That's a sweet/salty combo.

Mmmm, deep fried cookie dough.

LOL @ midway music