Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things I Learned Today

  • Coming home from work and finding dinner already on the go, AND freshly baked cupcakes waiting on the counter is about the most wonderful thing in the entire world.
  • I can eat three cupcakes at a go, without pausing, and without shame.
  • Eating three cupcakes in a row will give you heartburn.
  • I really like running in cold weather. It's so much easier than running when it's hot out.
  • Running when it's kind of dark is nice can see inside people's houses. Makes it much more interesting.
  • Two kleenex is not enough when you are running in cold weather. Normally, the entire contents of my sinus cavities is grimly determined to escape through my nose, but I found out when I run in the cold, there's an alarmingly hasty evacuation.
  • I need to buy socks.
  • When there is nothing to talk about, people will talk about the weather.
  • Our new neighbours are very nice, and Chinese.
  • Toby thinks he should not only get a treat when HE comes inside, he thinks he should when I do too.
  • Full fat yogurt is, far and away, vastly superior to fat-free yogurt.
  • I will get exactly the same number of compliments on my hair, regardless of the time or effort put into styling it.

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