Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Should Know Better

The Mister went out for a drink after work last Saturday with one of the staff, for his birthday. They went to bar just down the street from the shop, that has a popular outdoor patio, perfect for enjoying one of the last days of late summer. The university students are back in town now, and the combination of the nice weather and them not having too much responsibilities yet meant that the place was very busy.

They came back just as I was finishing work for the day, and I asked how was it. Himself said that the place was really busy. But he said there was one girl there that everyone was watching, because she was staggering around the whole patio, bumping into people and bonking her head. He said she never sat down once, and at one point, she had to get down on her hands and knees to negotiate the one step from one level to another.
As he's telling me this, I was horrified at the idea that someone would get themselves into such a state in such a public place.

Then he mentioned that he girl in question was 14 months old, and that her parents and grandparents were with her her the whole time.

The Mister is good.

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