Monday, February 15, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 1

Hello Race!

I loved that they made them take public transportation to LAX....I know loads of people for whom taking public transportation is akin to bringing the ring back to Mordor.

Will someone please tell Miss Teen South Carolina that when you come in second and get a penalty for not following the instructions, which results you checking in seventh, you are still "technically" in seventh place.

The lack of bickering dating couples and alpha male teams this season has my approval. (No one mentioned that they were "testing" their relationship, thank God.) However, the casting of people who have already been on a reality show, and Miss "the Iraq and Such as", may incurr my wrath. If either one of them pulls out a pair of water wings at some point, I am going to lose my shit altogether.
Also, I think that if you don't know the difference between China and Chile, you don't deserve to be on this. Also, Brazil is not "close enough" to Chile to use the same currency.

Thing 1 and I decided pretty quickly that no matter who did what Roadblock, there would be no yelling from the other party whatsoever during the task. The last thing I need when I'm suspended 120' over the ground is someone distracting me by screeching "you're doin' great, baby!".

I enjoyed the yappy dogs of Chile very much. In fact, that is my new band name: "Yappy Dogs of Chile".

Hands down, my favorite incident of the evening was when the father and daughter ran into that house and started painting. Hilarious, one of my fave moments on this race ever. Can you imagine explaining that to your boss?? "So, really, we were just finishing up for lunch, and then these Americans came rushing in with paint cans and cameras and just painted that wall really,really badly, and then they demanded some piece of paper from me, and when I didn't have it, they left. Don't worry, we'll fix it, but it will take a day or two."

You know when you see Phil coming to see you, it's never good news.

Favorite Line of the Night: Father and Daughter to the Chilean painters: "Are you here?", Chilean Painter in Suduko Shirt, gamely "I AM HERE!".
Also, Cop on the Ground to Cop on a Wire: "Nanna is kicking your butt".

Until next week!

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Jude said...

I loved reading about your trip. I pictured myself walking behind your group but in front of the soccer team. You sure had tons of fun, made a lot of memories and still appreciated the back home again feeling that can't be explained.