Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Loudshoes Head South, Part One

We are back from not-as-sunny-as-you-might-think-Florida, after a whirlwind week in Disney World. Reality is quite a kick in the head, no?

It started on a very cold, dark, punishingly early morning in late January. My dad (generously) drove us to the airport at 4 freaking 45 in the a.m, which, I'm sure you will agree, is the height of parental benevolence. (Why is it SO much more painful getting UP at 4:45 in the morning than it is to STAY up until 4:45 in the morning?)
We had an early flight to Chicago, which meant that we had to go through extensive security checks, including a body pat-down by about the most cheerfully perky security guard I ever saw. Apart from the fact that it was still only 5 in the blessed a.m, she's a security guard, for goodness sakes, they usually have their sense of humor surgically removed as a job requirement. Either she loved her job, or she's taking some rather robust drugs of which I would like to get some.
Our flight to Chicago was uneventful for the Mister and I, but thrilling for the girls. I guess when you've only flown twice before, even the shortest flight is still a big deal. And to CHICAGO, too! In some ways I think they were more excited to be in Chicago than going to Disney World. I thought maybe that they thought we'd be actually going to see a bit of Chicago, and that's what has them all excited, but no, they were worked up over spending some time in O'Hare. I think they thought they might see Oprah there.
Anyway, the security people at O'Hare amused us mightily, as they all sounded and looked like they were part of a cast of a movie about O'Hare airport. "Are you all treeeveling togetha?". It was hard to answer with a straight face. And as I know those guys did have their sense of humor surgically removed without anesthetic, I was smart enough to keep a hold of my face.

The girls were thrilled with the airport in Chicago. Along with the fact that there was NEW FLAVORS OF COKE!!! MILK DUDS!!! AMERICAN MONEY THAT IS ALL THE SAME COLOUR!!! and GUM WE'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!, there were also flights to Sao Paolo and Sydney and Tokyo and Lisbon that seemed about as glamorous and exotic as all get out. Seriously, I think we could have just taken them to O'Hare for the week and they'd have been just as happy.

Another uneventful flight to Orlando and we were there! Except...it was freaking cold! 14°C!
57°F! Florida should NOT be that cold!! But, it was warmer than home, so we Canadians just bucked up and kept reminding ourselves of that fact.
We got into our hotel room, which was a cabin in the woods (I know!) and our groceries that I had ordered on-line the week before were delivered and then our luggage came. And our Disney adventure was ready to begin.


C.I.W. said...

omg. you are SO SMART.. you had your groceries delivered?? *THIS* is the stuff I love to learn from bloggers...
and WHERE did you find those cabins??!?? We need details! Okay- I need details.

(nice to meet ya, btw)


Jude said...

Wow...no Milk Duds up there, really? Let me tell you something about them, I don't know how many fillings I lost as a kid from those dang candies. They do taste wonderfully good though.

Can't wait to hear more about your vacation. The place you stayed...very cool!

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

C.I.W~ I KNOW!! I found out about gardengrocer.com through another blogger, and I was thrilled with it! They deliver to all the Disney resorts, and most of the others in central Florida. It was magnificent.
The cabins were at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground (not to be confused with Wilderness Lodge.) Excellent accomodations; we were entirely happy with that place.
And it's nice to meet you too!

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

Jude~ Nope, no Milk Duds here. But we do have our own dental-destroying sweet stuff, MacIntosh Toffee will pull every filling you ever had, and a couple you don't have yet, right out of your head in no time flat. I glued my jaws shut with that stuff once when I was about 11, and have been afraid to go near it ever since.

Erin said...

Welcome home, Loudshoes. I'm excited to hear more of the holiday saga. Must agree with you about the Mcintosh Toffee. I was sneaking some in my grade 5 music class when it pulled out a molar. Had to run to the bathroom and dig the big ole thing out of the toffee. Nasty stuff -- but I love it.