Monday, February 22, 2010

Amazing Race 16, Episode 2

Oh my gravy! That was sweet! I loved that the cowboys not only found a way to get there before everyone else, they also found a way to shut up about it!!! That sort of discretion is in very short supply on reality television. I know if I had been that clever as to find out that the other bus left from another terminal, I'd have been hard pressed not to be all shouty and self-congratulatory on the subject. Turns out the cowboys really ARE magical people!

I have got to find a way to work the words "and when your llama is properly adorned" into a sentence sometime soon.

I'm sure the Flight of the Majestic Condor segment sounded way, way better in the production meeting than it turned out. Can't you just see it? "And then they put on condor feet, and run off the end of the dock, and sail, SAIL over to the clue, just like an actual condor! It will be magnificent, trust me!"

I'm sure there aren't official rules against "saving spots" for other teams, but why would you want to? The unofficial rules of society mean that you are brewing up a whole lot of bad feelings onto yourself for very little payoff; allying with one team to piss off all the other teams does not seem to be a good strategy. Besides, in 15 seasons, I've yet to see an alliance that did not pay off big time for one team, and bite the other team in the ass.

I liked Granny and Granddaughter, but I'm not sure what they thought they were doing. Keeping positive and thinking happy thoughts is surely important, but actually racing is even moreso. That looked more like the Amazing Sightseeing Tour Through Chile. I know she participated in some tri-athalons, but my money is that Granny came in last. Also, with Granny's admission that that one is her favorite, I'll bet Christmas dinner is going to be a little awkward this year.

Dectective Louie really does look like a llama. What do you know?

I can't figure out which is the gay brother and which is the straight brother. That is not good news for either of them.

How come the cows pooping was blurred out, but a beauty queen hocking a loogie is okay?

That kick to the head by the cow was no small thing....cows are BIG, and they pack a whallop. I've only ever milked a cow once, but as I recall, it's pretty intimidating to be up beside one of those things and poking around at it's lady bits. Good on Granny for bucking up. She looked in the confessionals like she had a bit of a bruise.

What on earth are the cowboys going to do with sailboats in Oklahoma?

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