Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Loudshoes Head South, Part Three

Monday dawns, and it's raining. On and off, but definitely raining. Sigh. I have enough shit fallling out of the sky on me at home, I really don't want it to be happening when I'm on holidays.

We organize oureselves to get to Epcot, because that's the park we explored the least the last time we came. And, also, I hear there is a lot to do inside.
When we get to the park, the rain is teeming, and so our first stop is to the little trinket trolley set up in front of the gates to get rain ponchos. (We did think to bring rain ponchos, the Mister even went so far as to make a special trip to get them before we left. But they did us no good back in our luggage at the cabin.)

I thought we'd head right to the first attraction, a "ride" through the history of human communications, which Thing 1 declared the "worst ride ever" the last time we came, because she "learned something, and vacations are NOT for learning!". But I figured objections would be few, because of the rain. I was right, but everyone else thought the same thing, and the line was too long, even for me. So we found ourselves at the next possible indoor thing, and that was (ironically) a storm simulator. We sat in a little room with a wrap around screen and watched a 3-D movie that made it look as though tree branches were falling on us. It also had one of those things that spritzed water on you and blew wind and totally made it feel as though you were in the middle of a hurricane. After about the fifth such barrage, Thing 1 had had enough, and exclaimed "son of a bitch" way too loudly. Exemplary parent that I am, I fell all over the place laughing. Such un-Disney-like behaviour.

We explored Epcot quite thoroughly, including the International area, which might have been more pleasant if it wasn't so soggy.
Things We Learned About Other Countries:
  • Germany makes rockin' good pretzels
  • Japan is expensive
  • Everything is big in Mexico.
  • Norwegians like boats.
  • China and Japan are nearly indistinguishable from each other
  • Same with France and Italy

At least the weather leant the English pavilion an air of authenticity.

I don't remember much else about Epcot, except I once heard that "Epcot" stands for "Every Person Come Out Tired", and I'd vouch for that. It is the one park where we saw noticibly drunk people; it was during the fireworks that night. "Oh, maaaaan.......fireworks are the beeeeeest!" I blame Germany.

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