Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exercise Sucks.

One more reason exercise sucks: shin splints.

I was running last night and at about the furthest point from home, my shins started to hurt. Nothing serious, just another in the myriad of aches and pains that accompany my usual runs...."oh, here come the hip pains! Nice to see you, guys, you usually don't show up until further along! And now the big toe on my left foot has decided to make itself known! I forgot you were there! Hello right knee! You really are a son-of-a-bitch, aren't you!"

I stopped to stretch out what I thought was a muscle cramp, but as I walked a bit, it got worse. And worse. And then hung around for another hour or so after I limped home. A diagnosis over the computer from Big Liver Girl (Also known as "Running Guru") confirmed my suspicion of shin splints.

I worked today, and a day on my feet made those shins ache a bit. So, naturally, what did I do after dinner? I went for a run. What the hell kind of idiot am I? (Answer: the Loudshoes kind....motto? "Let me see if that hurts as much this time".) But my friend Tracey wanted to go running, and my need for company and socializing FAR outweighs common sense or my physical wellbeing, as many a night on the town will attest.
They didn't bother me as much during the run, but as I staggered home from Tracey's house, I found myself breathing like I had when I was in labour. It was around this point that it crossed my mind that perhaps running tonight had not been the best idea I ever had. Because my shins were in labour.

A few ibuprophen and a bag of frozen peas on each shin for 15 minutes, and I was able-bodied once again.

I know exercise is good for me, I know it's all for the best, but really? Exercise sucks.

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