Monday, March 5, 2012

Amazing Race 20, Episode 3

Okay, I wasn't going to blog about the Amazing Race this time around, because I thought I was getting repetitive and boring, and that no one would miss it. Turns out I was wrong, and several people asked what was going on, so HERE I AM!

Brief Thoughts On Previous Episodes:
Episode 1: That was the most bone-headed elimination I ever saw. Ever. Who doesn't turn their head when looking for something? I've heard of "tunnel vision" before, but never seen quite such an egregious example.
Episode 2: The Clowns were way in over their heads from the minute they started. At least I am spared endless "tears of a clown" references. Thing 1 and I would have sobbed our way through math task, since we are both similarly impaired.

Okay, now that we are up to speed!

I freaking LOVED this leg! All the tasks were difficult but NOT impossible; and nothing relied on brute strength or any particular talent. Mostly you needed patience and to be able to focus. I loved that.

I wish the twins had stuck around longer, mostly because we didn't really see what they were capable of, and also, because we never got to see either one of them with their shirts off. (Come join me in the shallow end of the pool!) Had they not thrown a hissy fit at the harp task, they'd have finished earlier. As I say to my kids, you can bitch and moan and complain about doing something, but you're just wasting time; sooner or later you have to put on your big-girl underpants and do it anyway.

I thought Phil was doddering when he said Rachel and Dave were the first team to not complete a task and finish anyway.....Boston Rob didn't eat an entire cow's worth of meat in Argentina, and they still finished the leg despite a four-hour penalty. But what Phil meant was that Rachel and Dave were the first team to not complete any task in a leg and still finish, which, I have to admit, is cute trick.

Did anyone else think Dave got the wrong end of the stick with what the Express Pack entailed? Because I got the impression he thought it was like a Fast Forward and they could go directly to the Pit Stop, not just skip that one task. Man, I bet he's giving himself a good ass-kicking right now.

I bet Claire (from Brooke and Claire fame) is sitting at home right now thinking "you think stacking watermelons is hard, you should try taking one right in the face!".

I would have found that roadblock nearly impossible, because I have the pointiest head ever, those bottles would never have stayed, unless I danced around with my head at a 45° angle. Seriously, I can never shave my head, because it is such a weird shape. On the other hand, I used to have a male client that had such a flat top to his head, I used to have to cut his hair so that it looked like it actually rounded up there. He used to carry stuff on his head as a party trick, like vases of flowers and bottles of beer. He'd have aced this task.

Speaking of acing, the Border Guards certainly rocked this leg, but man, they are insufferably smug. When they started up with the "we're just going to dominate this thing", I wanted to slap their alpha-male faces until they cried like little girls. I am so hoping that editing is setting them up for a humbling of epic proportions.

When Vanessa said that they didn't want to quit because of the example that would set for Ralph's 13 year old daughter, I wondered what example she thought she was setting by loudly and  repeatedly drawing attention to another woman's gentials.

I've never seen Big Brother, so I have no previous experience with Rachel, but is she always this much of a drama queen? She did really well this leg, and rocked the bottle dancing, but that sort of never seems to matter, she has to dissolve into a messy, noisy puddle of tears at least once an episode. I predict this will get old very, very fast.

Bopper really has no "inside voice", does he? I suspect that comes from living his whole life in a place that has no telephones.

Until next week!


Jude said...

That last line, killed me with laughter. so true.

Anonymous said...

so glad that you are back posting on the race