Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazing Race 20, Episode 5

I was just getting to like those two lovable douchebags, and now they are gone. At least I don't have to type "Fitness" after Joey's name anymore. (I think I'm going to add a noun to my name from now on..."Mrs. 'The Carbohydrate' Loudshoes", or "Mrs. 'The Deity' Loudshoes", or even "Mrs. 'Accident Waiting to Happnen' Loudshoes". I'll work on it.)
You just knew they'd be smarting because they got beat by a girl.

"Cheese and crackers"? So, this is this season's "oh my gravy"?

Nice to see everyone jumping into the dancing at the temple, even if that was a LOT of noise and energy for 4:15 in the morning.

That oil-bathing task ranks, hands down, as the weirdest thing they've ever done on this show, and that is really saying something. I was laughing at Art or J.J's continued horror at the entire situation...."!" And they had the best local; he was really enjoying his hairy, gold-toothed self. I especially liked when Art or J.J. called for the attendent, and the Azerbajani piped in: Art or JJ: Ma'am? JJ or Art: Ma'am? Local: Ma'am?

That Roadblock would have made me puke....I hate enclosed places, I really hate being underwater in an enclosed space and the idea of getting spun around underwater in an enclosed space makes me all freaked out just thinking about it. I'm surprised no one had a spaz attack, as water tends to to that to Racers at least once a season. (I'll bet Big Brother Rachel would have not disappointed me. It seems to me like this is the sort of thing she'd really go to town on.)

Rachel and Brandon did not get a lot of air time this episode, which is fine by me. The less I had to look at that stupid green spangly headband, the better.

I kept hoping Dave would compliment his wife with something other than "you are such a workhorse!". "You are awesome", or "you rock" or even "that was quite a performance" are all better than "you are such a workhorse!".

Every taxi driver in every country this race has ever visited was cheering on that guy at the apple task who was yelling "faster, faster faster!".

I think, Nary, that the other teams do not see you as a threat, not because they think you are kindergarten teachers, but because you actually are not a threat. You've never finished in the top five, you've barely missed being eliminated a couple of times, and plus, I'll bet there are a couple of racers who don't even know your names.

I think my very favorite part of the show was when Vanessa and Ralph were in the carpet store looking for the clues. Comedy gold, my friends.

Judging by the previews for next time, Rachel and Vanessa channel their inner 12 year olds and get into a good, old fashioned cat fight. Maybe the good Lord will favor me and there will be a double elimination.

Until two weeks!

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